This year’s theme of the festival is FOLK # CONTINENTS. Cultural and educational activities will unite young people fascinated with folklore and ethnic culture on thematic festival continents. Each day of the festival will take participants to a different continent related to dance, music, singing, theatre, fine arts, photography, film and design. Artistic presentations based on national traditions and inspired by folk and ethnic culture will be about characteristic music, dances, ethnic patterns and landscapes of different continents. There will be 22 festival projects implemented during the 6 days of our folk journey:


  • Integrational workshops of festival groups at  J. Tuwim Youth Centre in Lodz
  • Quest „Lodz legends and traditions”
  • Opening dance-music performance ”With  folk through CONTINENTS”


  • Choreography workshops for dance groups participating in the festival.
  • International concert of folk dance groups inspired by folklore


  • Music workshops for music groups participating in the festival.
  • Concert of music groups: vocal-instrumental, vocal, choirs, soloists and vocal duets in folk songs inspired by national and ethnic traditions from around the world


  • Exhibition-installation of folk craft in the Factory Museum
  • Exhibitions and gala of ”Golden Boat 2022 – Drawing and Painting”, ”Golden Boat 2022 – Photo”,
  • Folk fashion show and gala of ”Golden Boat 2022 – design”
  • Review of films and gala of ”Golden Boat 2022 – video”
  • Fashion and artistic jewellery workshops
  • Folk craft workshops


  • Performances: street and puppet theatre in Piotrkowska street
  • Off theatre at Lodz yards and  passages
  • Dance theatre performance
  • Gala of ”Golden Boat 2022 – theatre”.


  • Musical presentations of a brass band, a folk parade along Piotrkowska Street
  • Concert of song and dance groups, modern dance groups inspired by folk and ethnic cultures, vocalists and vocal groups in traditional songs, contemporary folk and ethnic songs on the outdoor stage
  • Presentations of intercultural music and choreography experiments on an outdoor stage
  • Music stage of folk-pop stars

FOLK STUDIO TV –an open-air studio reporting each festival day in a different place of the main event. Youth TV stations invited to the festival will be broadcasting from the studio,  preparing interviews and street reports


GOLDEN BOAT 2022 –the competition will be held on-line in the following categories: vocal, choreography, music, theatre, photo, design, video and drawing and painting on 20.04-31.08.2022. The verdict will be announced on each festival day during folk # CONTINENTS events.