We started the second day of the Festival with the vernissage of the artistic installation ETHNO-LABYRINTH at the Factory Museum. Ethno-Labyrinth – is a labyrinth in which it is worth getting lost and finding the essence of the festival: music, singing, dancing, joy, colours, patterns, smells, lights and we – the participants.

It’s a multicultural mix.

The walls of the labyrinth are made of ethno patterns that remind us of the richness of folk ornaments.

Ethnic music can be heard in the background.

Colourful ribbons hang from above reminding us of this year’s Opoczno theme.

Oriental scents are in the air.

Multicultural portraits prepared within the action of 600 paintings for the 600th anniversary of Łódź look at us from the walls.

The labyrinth was created by the participants of J. Tuwim Youth Centre in Lodz:

Design Studio: Tola Kwapiszewska, Anastazja Grzesiak, Łucja Dudek, Agnieszka Pietrzyk, Oliwia Skrzybalska, Jagoda Wosińska, Malwina Kuczkowska.

Artistic Jewellery: Weronika Lisowska and Karolina Lisowska

and Decoration Studio: Lidia Domańska, Nela Iwańska, Natalia Kołacz, Julian Kreczmański, Hanna Nowak, Artur Olczyk, Adrina Olczyk, Hanna Sędkowska, Urszula Sędkowska, Marta Skierniewska, Ema Straltsova, Lena Umańska.

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