The 12th International Festival of Youth Creativity FOLK INSPIRATIONS is an event in the city of Lodz, which will trigger the creative activity of young amateur as well as professional artists from many countries in the world who are inspired by folklore, folk culture, national traditions and ethnic customs. Invariably, the space of festival activities will be filled with young artists, residents of Lodz region and tourists.

This year the festival will be held on 15-20.09.2022 and will become an artistic folk and ethnic journey through various corners of our globe. Concerts, shows, theatre performances, fashion shows, photography, design, drawing and painting as well as handicraft exhibitions, educational workshops, quest, street games, art installation and music- multimedia experimental forms will be present during the twelfth edition of the festival. There will be traditional European, American, Asian and African rhythms and melodies on festival stages, streets, squares and passages. Łódź will host young people from 12 countries in the world, and by means of modern technologies the artists will unite with young folklore enthusiasts gathered in artistic groups or acting individually in 30 countries around the world.