The twelve editions of FOLK INSPIRATIONS in Łódź have already attracted over 4,000 young artists and festival guests from 38 countries around the world: Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bulgaria, China, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Ecuador, France, Greece, Georgia, Ghana, Spain, the Netherlands, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Cuba, Lithuania, Latvia, Mexico, Moldova, Palestine, Peru, Poland, Russia, Senegal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Hungary, Vietnam and Italy.

During the 13th edition of the festival, the stages, streets, squares, backyards and passages of Łódź will resound with traditional rhythms and melodies from 13 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

The participants of the festival are young artists: Dance and vocal groups, soloists, photographers, designers, fashion designers and professional artists – musicians, visual artists, photographers, actors and designers inspired by national traditions, folklore and ethnic culture.

The festival is attended by both school children and young people up to 30, including students, the disabled and seniors.

The recipients of activities in the field of intercultural and regional education are also children and youth from Łódź and the Łódź Voivodship.

International youth exchange projects during the festival are carried out by informal groups and organized groups from partner institutions and organizations.

The festival is attended by Polish and foreign volunteers, including people over 50.

Every year, the festival audience is over 4,000 people – residents of Łódź and the Łódź Voivodship, as well as tourists and active participants of artistic street activities.