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A detailed programme of the festival

There is a week of folk inspiration, creativity, fun and joy in a wonderful international group waiting for us! We have a detailed programme of the 13th International Festival of Youth Creativity Folk Inspirations, rich in a variety of artistic, educational and integration activities

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If you would like to try your acting skills, experience a great adventure in an international company, gain new skills and experience, make your dreams come true- this adventure is for YOU!

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Why is it worth taking part in competitions?

For a young designer, feedback concerning his/her work from professionals is important. It is crucial that the competition gives him/her the opportunity to improve the project, it gives a chance to learn about new trends, make contacts and get to know public opinion.

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The strong power of a small stage!

Discover Theatre for You! And the Theater will discover new talents in you! Take part in the “GOLDEN BOAT 2023 – THEATRE” competition, where you can feel free and you can give space to your fantasy and artistic imagination!

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Sing! Sing alone! Sing with us!

If you like singing and your friends say that you are good at it, if you want to be heard beyond the company of friends, if you dream of singing on stage – take part in the “GOLDEN BOAT 2023 – VOCAL” competition